30 de maio de 2016

Brazil’s Federal
Comptrollers Office (its Portuguese acronym CGU) has recovered more
than R$1 billion that had been embezzled through corruption and fired
over 4,800 public workers involved in corruption schemes in recent

These are some of
the results of the action of CGU, created in the early days of the
first government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in 2003, to combat
corruption and fraud.

CGU also monitored
spending of the federal budget by municipalities throughout Brazil.

Since its creation
through 2014, CGU inspected 2,144 municipalities where over R$21
billion were spend in federal government programs. The CGU inspectors
traveled to these towns – chosen by draws to avoid any suspicious of
political influence or preference – where they visited hospitals,
schools and civil works.

Finally, the CGU
also monitored social programs such as Bolsa Família and the World
Cup preparations, as well as blacklisting companies involved in
corruption from doing business with the government.

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the CGU and its activities click here .