03 de agosto de 2015

Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was honored in Rome today by Mayor Ignazio Marino.  Lula received the “Loba Capitolina”, the symbol of the city, in the Julius Caesar room in the historic center of the Italian capital.”The city of Rome is proud to grant him the highest honor and a symbol of this ancient and splendid city that is the capital of peace and mercy, the Loba Capitolina” said Mayor Marino in granting the honor.

At the ceremony, the former President gave a speech entitled: “Participate to change – the importance of social participation in combating poverty.”Lula began by acknowledging the solidarity of Italian social and religious movements with the Brazilian people over the decades.“I am very grateful for everything you have done by Brazilian social movements.”

The president looked back on the importance of dialogue and participation in its political life.He stressed that success in combating poverty in the last 12 years is due to the work and collaboration of millions of Brazilians.  He recalled that the project implemented in 2003 was built collectively, in direct and constant dialogue with different movements and social classes, including the business community, intellectuals and organizations, and traveling through Brazil, in The Caravanas of Cidadania, which traveled more than 70,000 kilometers through the interior of the country.

Leia a íntegra do discurso (não inclui os improvisos) do ex-presidente Lula em Roma:

And the participation of the population in the definition of public policies continues with government still today.” We created, in fact, several channels for social dialogue with the State – conferences, councils, roundtables, public hearings, ombudsman’s offices – that have been gradually constructing a genuinely participatory national democratic system.In eight years in office, we held 74 National Conferences on Public Policy.”

In his speech, Lula encouraged young people to participate in decisions that affect their lives and their future, to participate in politics.”It is very important that people understand that outside of politics is very difficult to find a solution to the problems we face.Every time we try to deny the political system, what we get next is worse. “

Instead of criticizing the political system, Lula encouraged the young people to work to build a better world. “Who knows, perhaps the honest politician or worker you hope for is inside you.  So participate in politics.Participate by complaining and protesting, but also participate by building something better. Because it is one thing is when you’re outside criticizing, but quite another when you are inside and having to work things out.”